4K Ultra HD ActionCam
4K Ultra HD ActionCam
4K Ultra HD ActionCam
4K Ultra HD ActionCam
4K Ultra HD ActionCam

4K Ultra HD ActionCam

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"At less than 1/5 the price of a GoPro, I figured it was worth a try and I was right! I recorded hours of biking and driving video and the footage looks amazing! Crisp, smooth and very pro looking. I even dropped it badly a few times and it’s still going strong. I’m very impressed and would definitely buy it again!" - Chris D., CO

Get a great discount on our ActionCam while the Back-to-School SALE is on. Once we sell 300 units, we will be increasing the price back up to $109.85.


  • Truly Affordable - Sports cameras of this quality usually cost over $200 each,But we can sell them for ¼ or less of the price.
  • Ultra Lens - The latest all-glass design.
  • Ultra Rugged - The inner camera unit is placed inside a shock and dust-proof case, designed to withstand extreme environments. 
  • Super Sensor - The included “Eagle Eye” sensor ensures videos have ½ the noise, artifacts and grain compared to regular sports cameras. 
  • Waterproof - The camera unit is housed inside a fully waterproof housing, rated at IP68 which means it can be submerged up to 30 meters underwater without any leaking. 
  • Fully Mountable - The included battery is a whopping 900mAh allowing you to shoot at full quality for up to 3 hours non-stop.
  • Night Vision 
  • Wide Angle - ActionCam is fitted with a 170° super wide fisheye lens that is designed to closely mimic the field of view of human eyes. 
  • Storage - Utilising the industry-standard micro SD card, you’re free to shoot up to 32GB of video before needing to change the card. This gives you all-day freedom to record without worrying about running out of space.








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Will send you ActionCam for the price of one!

Package Included:  ActionCams, Watere wproof Housing,Clip Case,Handlebar Mount, Curved Moun,Flat Mount, Buckle Mount, Helmet Mount, Battery,Bandages,USB cable, User Manual